There was a time when all you needed to secure your data and software was a well-managed username and password. With the development of smarter devices and the legal requirements of data protection laws such as GDPR, security is more relevant than ever to businesses of all sizes.

Printing and scanning of documents has long been overlooked in the regard of data security. But as network security gets stronger, hackers look wider for access to networks and data thieves are looking for fast ways to gain access to large amounts of information.

Modern, network connected Multi-Function devices and printers offer hackers and thieves an opportunity to prosper. Unless properly configured and secured devices can deliver vulnerabilities to be exploited, whilst printing hundreds of pages of records in a matter of minutes offering a data thief huge opportunities.

IPS considers the security and protection of our customers to be a key feature of our products and services.

Printers, Multi-Function and print devices from Lexmark have been recognised by Gartner to carry best in class security capabilities, with many carrying common criteria security accreditation. Manufacturers such as HP, Ricoh and Kyocera demonstrate a long history of delivering secure devices to suit even the most security-conscious organisations.

Closing the Gap on Data Theft

Pairing secure devices with Print Management applications such as Papercut, Equitrac and Ringdale closes the gap on data theft through printed information. Companies are able to control and easily manage user access through technologies such as proximity cards and biometric (fingerprint) recognition. This ensures that organisations know who produces what, when and where; thus controlling the printing of information down to times of the day and even the file name of the document. This ensures unwanted print and reduces the risk of new data breaches but organisations need to be mindful of sharing existing paper documents without prior approval.

Ultimate Data Security

By securing scanning processes with user authentication, file routing and data capture through OCR (optical character recognition); organisations can be confident that all risks are managed. Applications such as Solutions Composer from Lexmark allow businesses to control the flow and destination of scans while capture software such as Square 9 Global Capture ensure the content of the scanned page is available for audit and review.

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