Printing Compliance and GDPR

Businesses are fast adapting to the digital world and converting a large amount of workload to digital applications. However, with new GDPR compliance regulations, the integration of paper processes are causing more pressure and uncertainty of how to resolve the issues. GDPR is often seen as an online/ IT issue, but businesses need to be mindful of the risk that paper-based personal data possess. However in some cases paper documents are still the best and most effective way to complete a business process.

Implementation of Structured Document Management

By implementing well-structured Document Management software and systems, any organisation can properly manage paper based records and be GDPR compliant. Apart from increased security and GDPR compliance Document Management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) applications can offer wider benefits; from simply reducing the space taken to store paper to increasing efficiency in finding and sharing documents.

These benefits are only the tip of the iceberg of how ECM can improve efficiency and business process. Software such as Square 9’s Global Capture can offer organisations the ability to automate the extraction of information for data input. Long, laborious processes like keying information from invoices into accounting applications such as Sage, Quickbooks and SAP can be made dramatically quicker and less error prone or even completely automated. In many cases IPS can remove the need for documents to be printed at all for business processes to be completed.

Workflow processes in business areas such as HR, health and safety, product testing, quality control & stock management can all benefit from improved process and security. As requirements for IT integration grow the benefits of Business Process Automation (BPA) become more and more apparent.

Document Management Systems

Document Management

Properly structured Document Management systems can allow businesses to integrate existing paper processes seamlessly with Cloud services such as Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive. Web-based applications such as Square 9 C2 allow businesses to use a wider range of devices such as smart phones, tablets and chrome books to access and complete document processes seamlessly.

For hundreds, if not thousands, of years the creation of a document has been the marker of a completed process. For many printing a page is still the measurement of a job finished; it is a task that they understand and can relate to simply and easily. Document Management features such as Square 9’s print to archive or Global Forms allow users to keep this familiar and comfortable process while reducing the cost of printing and storing documents. All the while improving efficiency and security compliance with easy user adoption.

IPS is proud to supply and support Document Capture, management and workflow applications from Square 9 Softworks, Lexmark, Ratchet, Papercut, Drivve and many others.