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Leveraging a multi-faceted enterprise technology assessment system IPS will help identify opportunities for streamlining print processes, maximizing productivity of print assets and people, and improving total cost of technology ownership. Our analytics-based approach will help you understand the full scope of your print environment across all print devices.

From initial basic structured Print Assessments to more comprehensive Custom Project Based Audits, we know that significant improvement opportunities can be identified for most organizations when it comes to managing and controlling their print costs.

Print Audit Service and Print Analysis

Our services include:

  • Assessing your current operations in terms of overall power and carbon consumption, including paper and trees.
  • Providing an intelligent and dynamic solution design.
  • Reviewing the benefits of a proposed solution design against your actual physical site map and lay out future designs that capture, incorporate and validate against your print policy.
  • Providing analytics that enable fact-based discussions and designs across the organization.
  • Tailoring data collection to your business using our powerful tools and proven processes.
  • Waste reduction
  • Print controls & best practices
  • Greener print strategy & recycling advantages
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