The arrival of GDPR in May 2018 constitutes a dramatic change in the responsibility of any organisation holding, managing and safeguarding personal information.

Habitually many businesses have simply collected digital and written information, data and documents with no formal systems in place. The new GDPR regulations force a change of habit and offer a clear motivation to do so at the risk of severe financial penalties should data breaches occur. Difficulties in achieving GDPR compliance arise when an organisation considers the scope of the data that could be implicated.

GPDR Solution

IPS is invested in the understanding and assisting with the development of GDPR compliance within companies.

  • We consider the impact on the generation and management of printed data.
  • Create a design process to ensure businesses can demonstrate processes with a secure and compliant process.
  • IPS can help safeguard organisations from GDPR penalties.
  • An additional advantage is, well-managed systems can reduce costs and improve productivity, resulting in the GDPR becoming a business benefit rather than a hindrance.

IT and Paper Solution for GDPR

GDPR implementation is often seen as an IT issue, which of course it is. However, the GDPR also includes paper documentation and process. Paper is often the problematic area where traditional IT answers cannot be the whole solution as paper needs to be generated and managed but it also creates risk of GDPR breaches. Proper implementation of technologies from leading technology vendors can provide a foundation upon which GDPR compliance is built. Manufacturers such as Lexmark, Square 9 and Ricoh offer IPS the ability to build secure and resilient GDPR processes.

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