Why choose Follow Me Printing Solutions?

Follow-Me Printing helps reduce waste and increase productivity.

Convenient Printing

  • Collect from any location
  • Printer “roaming” across the LAN, WAN or Internet on authentication.
  • If a printer is down, go to a working printer, authenticate and collect your output.

Significant Cost Savings

  • Monitor and log copier/printer/MFP usage
  • Full accounting and print audit on a per user, cost centre and printer basis
  • Client codes accounting on a per client basis

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • A quieter and more sustainable office

Other benefits

  • It gives end users more flexibility in their printing options and more control over how and where their print jobs are executed
  • Works with any copying or printing device (e.g. copier/printer or MFP)
  • Controlled Copying and Printing
    • Restrict access using PIN or your existing proximity, magnetic, smart cards or biometric identification
    • Restrict copier/printer/MFP usage based on time, paper size or colour criteria
  • Personal Printing Turning network printers/MFP’s into personal printers
  • Solution requiring minimal set up and ongoing maintenance
  • Complete hardware/software package

IPS works with its solutions partners who provide Follow Me Print Solutions, including PaperCut, Equitrac, Lexmark and Printer Logic to drive forward our Managed Print Service.