IPS started as a service company. Across its long life IPS has placed the quality of its service as its true value; putting the needs of customers ahead of those of manufacturers. Even ahead of the sale of new products. IPS’ role is to help a customer drive every ounce of value from an asset. This commitment to service and support underpins our break fix services.

What type of printer warranty can IPS offer your business?

Whether you are migrating your hardware infrastructure to IPS, or simply reviewing your current contract, we have a service plan ideally suited to your environment.

Printer Warranty Services

WarrantyPrint manufacturers and users choose IPS to service and support their print hardware. Many work with IPS on existing devices rather than replacing usable machines saving time and money. IPS delivers enterprise-class warranty and break fix services, supporting a wide range of print hardware as well as technical services for all market leading print management software.

How Do I Change Service Provider?

Switching your service contract to IPS couldn’t be simpler. A senior account team member will conduct a comprehensive fact-find (SLA expectation, number and type of devices etc) and then propose the service plan that best fits your requirements. We work directly with your current supplier to terminate your current contract prior to launching your new IPS service plan.

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