With continuous changes in IT being taken into account IPS select only the best in products to work with. We are proud of our independent status. It allows us to select products on the benefits they can deliver our customers and is core in our approach to the market.

IPS stands on a foundation of good service.

Formed as a service company, the selling and supply of equipment came from demand by our long-standing customers. Our belief is that good service and strong support are the best credentials for success. The supply of only the best in hardware and software is simply another way of guaranteeing the best customer experience.

This is a story that has seen IPS grow consistently as customers recognise the value they can reap from reliable products that return value year after year.

Working with IPS (Account Management)

At IPS we believe that customers should trust us to have their best interests at heart. Through this kind of trust, long term beneficial business relationships can be built. At IPS we believe our customers should be able to contact us for advice on the best way to address changes in processes or requirements within their business.

Our account managers and sales teams are on hand to advise, support and guide customers through projects and will constantly evaluate needs and products to ensure that our customers consistently get the best value they can from their IPS solution.

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