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lexmark1Tap into your printer’s full potential to cut costs and improve efficiency

The Lexmark Print Management solution helps businesses cut printing costs and improve efficiency. Offices tend to print too many pages that are not necessary;and that adds up to new business opportunities for you. Implementing Lexmark Print Management can help your customers improve document security, cut paper waste and make their workforce more efficient than ever.

Be More Secure and Print from Anywhere

With Print Management your clients’ employees can be down the hall or across the globe and still print easily, including from any mobile device. Users send print jobs from their desktops, via email or with the Lexmark Mobile Printing App.

Leveraging Lexmark Print Management’s Print Release capabilities maintains security and confidentiality. Print Release holds documents until a personalised login is submitted at the device. Confidential documents are no longer left exposed until someone can retrieve them. Instead, Print Release routes print jobs through a “print cloud,” where documents wait until they are released by a user with a unique login at the device.

Reduce Waste

Print Release makes it easy to select jobs to print, print and save, or delete right at the device. With Print Release your customers can securely hold, view, sort and selectively print their queued jobs, printing only the files that are needed, relevant and up-to-date. Lexmark’s internal experience in print management has shown that a large number of print jobs sent are never printed. By preventing accidental or excess printing your customers save money.

When you combine Print Release with Document Accounting the Lexmark Print Management solution becomes a proactive tool to help you reduce costs and improve efficiency. Get the full picture of your company’s printing needs and habits. Easily analyse data collected from all jobs printed, copied, scanned or faxed from your devices. Document Accounting compiles data into customizable reports that are accurate and useful.

Flexible Management Options

Manage your printing via Software as a Service (SaaS) technology. This Lexmark-managed, pay-per-user option gives your company access to all aspects of our print management solutions with minimal operating capital expense.

SaaS reduces IT infrastructure and burden, and offers immediate scalability without extra costs for installation and ongoing maintenance. Lexmark professionals will work with your business to identify the best delivery model for your company.

To learn more about our great Lexmark Print Management Solutions, contact us today.

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