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Recover Costs, Reduce Waste with Our Print Management Software

A server-based print management and cost recovery solution for colleges, uni- versities and K-12 schools, Equitrac Express 4.1 is the latest version of this software. Though the company has a long history of providing print manage- ment and cost recovery to the legal industry and is clearly a leader in this market, it has expanded its reach over the years to the education, commercial and general office markets. Currently, Equitrac Express is used by 60 percent of the Top 10 global colleges and universities, according to the company.

Designed primarily to control costs of document output and pass those costs on to students, faculty and other staff, the solution can also be used to manage workflow more efficiently and cost-effectively by routing documents to specific devices based on administrator-defined rules related to cost or nature of job. Furthermore, Equitrac Express can be configured to force users to send print jobs to a secure queue, which helps to reduce waste, and can control total cost of ownership by enabling customers to monitor usage and optimize their deployment of networked hardware.

Printing and copying are costly businesses expenses, but according to an IDC study, a print management solution can reduce a company’s document costs between 5 and 15 percent. This type of software is designed to help organizations eliminate waste and improve productivity by tracking, managing, monitoring and recording imaging assets and costs.

There are various types of print management software, with some systems provid- ing more than one of these capabilities: rapid print assessment solutions provide a quick snapshot of an organization’s imaging assets and supplies basic print and copy information such as volumes; job routing automatically sends or routes jobs through cost-effective print behavior modification software to the most suitable device based on specific administrator-defined rules such as document characteris- tics, output volume and/or cost; document and job accounting solutions track print and copy activity so that companies can monitor and analyze costs and control and charge back for output by individual users, departments, projects or clients, while working to eliminate excessive printing, personal printing and abuse of networked devices; and device management enables users to track, monitor and interact with networked devices from remote locations to install and troubleshoot devices, as well as automatically collect meter reads.

Using Equitrac Express®, we help schools manage their print usage with software-based reporting for all printing and copying expenses. Allocating these costs to the appropriate account, or charging for their usage, encourages everyone to promote responsible printing, as well as minimize wasted paper and toner.

Equitrac Express also allows you to:

  • Track output from all connected printers and copiers
  • Use print reports to set and enforce print quota
  • Allocate printing costs to a specific department/grant
  • Discourage waste and abuse, while enforcing rules for output
  • Send files to remote output device for secure pickup
  • Ensure convenience without sacrificing quality

Key Features

Equitrac Express is a printer monitoring software solution that is seamlessly installed within the multi-function printer (MFP) itself. Referred to as embedded software, Equitrac Express is completely compatible and integrates fully with virtually all of today’s leading MFPs. This approach provides K-12 and colleges with unparalleled convenience and performance, allowing you to:

  • Use the machine’s existing control panel for authorization and authentication
  • Capture all print activity and user data automatically
  • Allocate costs or charge for documents produced on the MFP
  • Login with PIN or swipe-card at the machine
  • Enhance document security and protect personal information
  • Gain mobility and convenience of Follow-You Printing®

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