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Workflow solutions for distributed document capture and routing to specific locations

As the primary Lexmark supplier in Ireland, IPS have vast expertise in delivering the entire suite of AccuRead OCR products into the Irish market, allowing customers in all industry sectors to benefit from the improvements in document capture and document workflow that AccuRead brings.



Some of the key features of the AccuRead Capture and Route solution are:

Email Size Limiter

  • Send scanned documents by e-mail faster and with fewer errors.
  • Limit maximum e-mail attachment size per destination, define up to ten destinations, capture an image of a hard copy document, break the document into single pages, attach all pages to a single e-mail or attach one page per e-mail.

Email to Self

  • Protect restricted information.
  • Prevents users from sending unauthorised information directly from the MFP to any e-mail address other than their own.
  • Works with Microsoft Active Directory, making it easy for administrators to enable user authentication at the device.

Fax Forward

  • Reduce paper use by receiving faxes electronically.
  • Capture an analog fax from the MFP and route it to a predetermined file share or e-mail address destination.

Multi Send

  • Quickly route to multiple destinations.
  • Multi Send lets you capture and route a document to multiple destinations simultaneously and print a copy if you choose.
  • Documents can be routed to email, network folders, FTP sites or to a remote printer.

Scan to DocuWare

  • Manage, store and retrieve documents.
  • The Scan to DocuWare application captures an image of a hard copy document and inserts the image with optional indices into the DocuWare document management software.

Scan to Hard Disk

  • Save and access documents on the MFP.
  • Scan to Hard Disk lets you capture documents and save them on the printer’s secure hard disk for printing on demand.
  • You can save documents in public or private folders, view them as thumbnails, and move, rename or delete files.

Scan to Network

  • Instantly convert hardcopy to softcopy.
  • Capture an image of a hard copy document and route the image to one of the 30 predefined personal or public shared network folders.

Scan to Network Premium

  • Manage and optimise scanned hardcopies.
  • Scan to Network Premium allows you to preview, enhance and index images of scanned hardcopies, then route them to a shared network folder.

Scan to Sharepoint

  • Simplify document insertion.
  • Lexmark Scan to Sharepoint allows you to easily scan documents directly from a Lexmark MFP into Microsoft SharePoint® 2007 and Microsoft SharePoint® 2010 enterprise content management software.

USB E-mail

  • Save time by sending emails without a PC.
  • Email or save to an ftp server directly from a USB Key.


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