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Financial processes are constantly challenged with manual processing and the need for controls and improved visibility. All of your processes also rely on information that lives outside of your core business applications:  invoice data, sales orders, receipts and a variety of supporting documentation in paper and electronic form. How do you bring it all together for a complete financial picture?

From purchase to pay, to order to cash and record to report—we’ve got financial process automation covered. Working with our partners in Lexmark, IPS offers a broad range of functionality and solutions, coupled with a deep understanding of financial process best practices, to open up the possibilities of what efficient, mature and fully automated processes will bring to your business.

Enhance your existing investments

You’ve already invested in technology and solutions to support your financial processes. But what about the gaps that require manual work or the unstructured information that remains outside your core financial systems?

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Lexmark enterprise software manages consistent, quality data throughout every step of your financial process.

IPS can bring all of it together with the ability to manage consistent, quality data throughout every step of your financial process. Flexible deployment options and advanced integration with your ERP provide a positive user experience, regardless of device or platform. And, even though you’re extending the functionality of your existing technology to make financial processes more transparent, your IT strategy stays intact.

Automate any size operation

Whether you’re processing thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of transactions on a monthly basis, our Lexmark solution offers the right mix of functionality. Broad and deep scalability, ease of use and advanced functionality to automate your financial processes, while keeping your budget in check.

Most importantly, we can help you chart a technology path to fit the changing needs of your organization, expanding in size and scope to adapt to present and future requirements.

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Lexmark technology supports any transaction volume—even millions per month.

Achieve complete process automation

The best way to achieve automation across your financial processes is to work with one provider that can help you capture, manage and access financial data through every step of the information lifecycle.

Lexmark offers a range of technologies for data capture from paper and digital formats, workflow to manage daily financial process activities, and even process mining to improve productivity. And, enterprise search, intuitive user interfaces and mobile applications make finding and using your financial information easy.


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Business documents and requests in any format:
  • Paper
  • Email
  • PDF
  • e-documents
  • Invoices
  • Shipping notices
  • Delivery notes
  • Orders
  • Remittance advices


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  • Requisitions
  • AP


  • Sales orders
  • AR


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Application Integration

  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Infor
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Other ECM, ERP

See the Lexmark brochure on Financial Process Automation and documents with ERP transactions for true financial process automation.
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