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Make on-boarding a smooth transition — for new hires and your staff

IPS have extensive knowledge and experience of working with the HR function of organisations of all sizes to optimise their content management and printing processes. We partner with Lexmark to deliver HR solutions such as perceptive software content management technology, to automate and streamline new employee on-boarding.

Forms and new hire paperwork, such as direct deposit authorizations, insurance enrollment forms and confidentiality agreements, can be easily linked to the appropriate electronic personnel record in your HR software, along with any pertinent documents from the hiring process.

Our employee on-boarding solution, built around Lexmark software can eliminate paper from the process by allowing you to easily convert HR forms into electronic forms or selecting ready-made forms from the HCM library. Forms can be made available to employees through self-service portals and emails for completion and tracked when they’re submitted, ensuring necessary documentation has been collected.

Perceptive’s employee on-boarding software lets you:

  • Link multiple documents associated with an individual to the electronic personnel records in your HR software
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and reduce storage costs with electronic capture and storage for any type of document
  • Protect employees’ privacy with rich security controls and redaction of sensitive information
  • Access all documents through your existing HR applications to minimize user training issues and speed deployment


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